The beginning of a whole new lifestyle. I’m going vegan

I saw a documentary last night on Netflix called “Vegucated“.  I was just looking for something interesting to watch, and I was curious about what this video would say that I didn’t know about.

I love animals, so I quit eating them long ago, but I’ve always eaten eggs and milk. The video, in part, showed how laying hens and milk cows are treated. Plus, the egg and milk industries don’t need boy baby chicks, or boy baby cows, because only the girls grow up to lay eggs or give milk. So, the boys are killed or eaten. I just had never thought about that before, and it made me feel horrible that I was responsible for so much death.

By the end of the documentary, there was no way that I wanted to be responsible for any more mistreatment of any chicken or cow again. If even one percent of that documentary was true, I had to totally stop eating eggs and milk.

So, this is day one of a totally new lifestyle. This morning, instead of having my cereal with milk, I mixed it up with microwaved frozen blueberries and a sliced banana. Yummy!.


One thought on “The beginning of a whole new lifestyle. I’m going vegan

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