Mister Belty and Little Miss Nicki

Below are pictures of my dogs Mister Belty and Little Miss Nicki,who both died last year at the age of 15. I really miss them

My adopted baby boy Mister Belty, looked handsome in his blue neckerchief. My Mister Belty was a really good boy and Mom’s Main Man, and I miss him so much.

The pretty girl is Nicki, my little adopted problem child. Nicki did not have her brain wired up right, and God gave her to me because she needed lots of love and patience.

God didn’t give me human kids because he had other work for me to do.

Mister Belty

Mister Belty looking handsome in his blue neckerchief

Little Miss Nicki

Little Miss Nicki was such a sweet puppy dog